How it started

Theresa Green embarked on a relentless journey to create the perfect bra; One that redefines comfort for everyday wear, is supportive and pretty and accommodates all body types and activities. Through three years of meticulous research and innovation, Theresa created a masterpiece that combines style, comfort, support and functionality. She currently resides in Bakersville, NC where she has a clothing store.

The women behind the brand

Kathe Ortiz from Costa Rica is a brilliant product and marketing manager and is now at the forefront of the brand's expansion. Her experience and creative vision have propelled the Heavenly Body Wear brand onto the digital stage.

Theresa and Kate met because of their shared love for Theresa’s son Zach. And they bonded and formed a partnership because of their love and devotion to Jesus.

Stay tuned for more designs and colors as Heavenly Body Wear evolves!

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